My First Post

Evidently, it’s expected of developers with registered projects on SourceForge to have a blog, so here it goes…

I guess I’ll start with a few random facts:

I am NOT an experienced software developer. I got started in this field in late 2010, only a year ago.

I am a lifelong user of Windows, but am now very interested in Linux.

I love free/open-source software, and have used it for most of my work for several years now.

John Carmack and Linus Torvalds are not my personal heroes, although they come close. :)

Python is my favourite language, but I do most of my work in C++.

My key tech interests are digital imaging and information technology.
I also enjoy mathematical logic and many branches of computer science.

I would like to thank for their generous project and web hosting. They offer so many great services, some of which would be very difficult and expensive to set up on my own, and they don’t charge a dime for it. Thanks, SourceForge!

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  1. avatar DCinAZ says:

    Very good job Mark, we are proud ! Uncle Don (programmer in Java Advanced Imaging, and also from Aunt Arlene in Arizona, and your sisters Amber, Carin, Nicole, Danielle,
    and Grandma Casey)!

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