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imagen 0.1.3b Released

This release contains support for JPEG images via libjpeg, several important bugfixes, an implicit data sharing system, and countless additions and improvements across the entire library. Notable Improvements Support for reading/writing JPEG images Improved unit resolution support Set custom row … Continue reading

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imagen v0.1.2b released

This release includes several critical bugfixes and numerous improvements to many areas of the library, including partial support for Windows Bitmap files. Notable Improvements: Partial support for reading/writing Windows Bitmap files New command-line front-end Read and write paletted PNG images … Continue reading

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imagen v0.1.1b released

It’s a late-coming but important release. I have made significant improvements to all areas of the library and will be stepping out of beta within the next few releases. If you are currently using the unstable and highly-deficient v0.1b, you … Continue reading

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imagen v0.1-beta Released

The first release encapsulating the new design of the imagen library is complete. The library is pretty stable and ready to use. I definitely recommend switching to it if you’re currently using v0.0.1 of the library. Download page

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OpenGL 4.0 – Are we really there yet?

I was thrilled to witness the release of the OpenGL 4.x specification over a year ago. It was really exciting to see how clean the specification was with the removal of so much of the fixed-function processing and other ancient, … Continue reading

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Building a Raytracer

I recently spent a week building a rudimentary raytracer to strengthen my understanding of some concepts I had been studying. It’s very small; just the barebones basics: spheres, planes, and point lights; and no shaders. It was difficult building the … Continue reading

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imagen Getting a Facelift

I’m currently restructuring the entire imagen library. The new design is much more object-oriented, embracing inheritance and polymorphism. I’ve begun with the TGA loader, and have made a lot of changes, implementing stricter adherence to the Truevision TGA File Format … Continue reading

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My First Post

Evidently, it’s expected of developers with registered projects on SourceForge to have a blog, so here it goes… I guess I’ll start with a few random facts: I am NOT an experienced software developer. I got started in this field … Continue reading

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Gel2D 0.0.4 Released!

This is my first public release of Gel2D. Gel2D is a free/open-source, cross-platform, object-oriented, 2-dimensional game engine written in C++. It aims to someday be an all-in-one solution for commercial-quality rapid game development. Go ahead and check it out on … Continue reading

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